10 Steps to a Thriving Coaching Business-Step 2 

 July 10, 2024

By  Dr. Christine Sauer

Hello, and welcome to this mini-series about:

The 10 Steps Creating a Thriving Coaching Business


Many coaches struggle picking a niche, and understandably so, because, as an expert coach, you can help people change in any direction they desire.

Eventually, you will realize that to get more than the occasional clients, you need to pick a niche to start with.

Consider it like “dating a niche”...

General large niches to start the narrowing down process are:

  • Business Coaching 
  • Life and Health Coaching 
  • Relationship Coaching 
  • Parenting Coaching 

Of course, you can subdivide those in many narrower segments, and you need to do that if you want to succeed as an online coach.

If you can’t decide, you may want to consider starting as a “Success Coach” or a “Rapid Results Coach” until you know where your skillset and interest fits most.

The tighter and narrower, the easier to start with.

You can expand your niche later.

For example, I recommend picking something measurable e.g. business growth, $$$, weight loss in lbs or kilos or any measure of success you can deliver on.

Focus on the transformation you can help your ideal clients to achieve.

Ask yourself:

What niche would best align with the intention and intuition of my soul?

Fitness, great looks, happy kids, happy marriage are still easier to work than something intangible like happiness, inner peace etc.

How long will it take to help an average client experience the transformation the desire? (6-12 months)

➢ at this step, it’s time to create your LinkedIn and other Social Media profiles (Facebook and Instagram are still the most important ones.)

Don’t worry if it is not perfect, you will edit them several times

In our next article we will talk about Step 3...

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dr christine sauer dr. christine sauer

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About Dr. Christine Sauer

Dr. Christine Sauer is a German-trained certified life coach, certified health coach, physician, naturopath, and educator, living in Canada since 1996.
After personal "lived experience" with severe mental health issues she experienced first-hand the benefits and challenges of our mental health system and psychiatric medications and then the benefits of good life and health coaching including facilitation of lifestyle and nutrition changes, weight loss coaching, mental health coaching, habit change management, spiritual coaching, bibliotherapy, journaling, leadership training, sales and marketing training and much more...
After regaining her own mental health, systematically and slowly withdrawing from her psychiatric medications and rehabilitating her brain health, she now is dedicated to sharing her knowledge and experience with others and promote excellence in the health and life coaching profession.
She is a #1 bestselling author, TEDx speaker and loving human being.
She is a passionate educator and coach on all things "brain" "body", "mind" and "soul" and a fellow traveler on our journey through life on this planet.
She learned a lot, and she is excited to share some of her insights with you in the hope that these – and the action steps resulting from them – will assist you in your own journey to a better life and success in all your endeavors.

Dr. Christine Sauer
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