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Mentoring Services for Your Business

A Low-Cost Alternative or Addition to Individual Business Coaching

Get practical, common-sense, Low-Cost High-Impact help

to start or grow your health and wellness coaching business or practice -

from a fellow health and wellness practitioner and coach that has done it herself!

Here is what is included:

  • Unlimited Email Mentoring   - ask anything around Business Success, Tech, Business MindsetPersonal Growth, even Health..., get qualified answers by Dr. Christine Sauer,  who has over 40 years of experience in healthcare and has grown her own successful Health and Wellness Business... **
  • Access to heavily discounted individual mentoring calls (online via Zoom) **
  • Enroll in our SOULful Leaders Academy for weekly group events, a thriving online wellness community and much more
  • Targeted Product Recommendations (I only recommend great products - products or services that we are currently using ourselves or that we have used, have thoroughly checked out and would use ourselves)
  • Get Answers to Your Questions within 48-72 hrs  - no just "googles" or "chat's produced by AI with platitudes. You will get individualized and personalized high-quality answers that will propel your business forward like never before! **
  • Premium Content around the 5 Dimensions of Business Success, Health, Personal Growth, Mindset, Technology and more - everything we learned from growing and running out own health coaching business, and from multiple business coaches, courses and our own experience and from personal conversations with other wellness practitioners - broken down for you.
  • Exclusive Reviews of Products, Services and Courses that could be useful for health and wellness coaches and practitioners, their personal lives and their businesses
  • Exclusive Tip-Sheets, Info Sheets to help you end overwhelm, procrastination, improve time management skills, work-life integration and so much more
  • Special Worksheets that are usually only shared with individual clients...
  • Premium Tips and Tricks around tech, marketing, sales and much, much more.
  • 50% Discount to our superior quality Done-For-You Sales Copywriting Services 

What Are the 5 Dimensions of Rapid Business Growth?

Who is Dr. Christine? (most clients just call her "Doc")?

She knows struggles.

She was depressed, anxious and unfocused, overcome and held back by brain fog, self-doubt and fatigue herself. After recovering, she decided to found her own coaching business, DocChristine Coaching, helping others to overcome mental health challenges with a combination of services and methods.

But: Founding and growing an online coaching business was not as easy as she thought...

She hired business coaches, went even to Brendon Burchard's Expert's Academy, took course after course and went to event after event, but they all could not give her the answers she needed - targeted answers to her own health and wellness coaching practice and business that worked.

Individual coaching was expensive, but she didn't feel understood by a "dedicated business coach".

So she started to learn herself and experiment, making all the mistakes you can imagine.

Wasting years of time and thousands of dollars, she eventually gained traction and saw paying clients enter her practice.

Knowing how difficult it was, and how skeptical most coaches are after several futile attempts, she decided to take in a few deserving coaches each year in her mentoring program, for a ridiculously low price that even a beginner coach can afford.

Make your decision now and sign up for one of her programs!

She applied all she knew to herself, learned a lot of new things - and it worked! Freedom!

As "The Doctor Who KNOWS How You Feel" she now helps others overcome chronic depression and “sparkle” in her thriving business. Her clients value the deep personal connection she forms with them as well the practical strategies, vast knowledge and her sense of humor.

She is the founder of DocChristine Coaching Inc. and the “Recover Your Sparkle” System and Program, a Simple, yet sophisticated way to achieve true health around all 5 Dimensions of Mental Health and live a fulfilled, meaningful life full of passion and purpose.

She writes and teaches about Practical, Proven Strategies for a Better Brain, a Happier Life, and a Better Business.

As a multiple bestselling author and an engaging, inspirational and entertaining speaker and Tedx speaker, Dr. Christine has appeared on many stages, video shows and her own webinars and videos.

And today, it is your chance to apply for mentorship with her. 

Choose one of the options below and get started on your road to success. 

Become a member of the SOULful Leaders Academy and get additional benefits from having direct access to Dr. Christine when you need it most.

You can ask as her unlimited questions by email and more - and get qualified answers within 2-3 days, sometimes even faster.

Select the Mentoring Plan That is Right For You!

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Sparkle with SOUL

for your business

Become a member of the SOULful Leaders Academy and  Learn about strategies to grow your business, create your ideal entrepreneurial lifestyle and overcome fears, overwhelm, distraction and more. Get the best subscriber-only content, tips, brain hacks, tools, worksheets, and info-sheets in your inbox with this subscription. Monthly new content as well as product reviews and discounts to other services and discount coupons for brain-healthy supplements and other products to improve your business performance, energy and mindset.




  • Membership in the SOULful Leaders Academy incl. Live Events
  • Premium Content around the 5 Dimensions of Mental Health and Growth
  • Exclusive Tip-Sheets, Info Sheets
  • Special Worksheets that are usually only shared with individual clients...
  • Targeted Product Recommendations

Gold Sparkles

for fastest growth and success

This is a Special Subscription that allows you to get individualized support from one of the most qualified Brain Health Coaches and Wellness Entrepreneurs you will find. Compared with the regular price of $USD 500 per session, you save A LOT! In addition to the email and SMS mentoring you also get individual mentoring sessions with Dr. Christine Sauer





  • Everything in Silver Sparkle
  • Everything in Monthly Sparkle PLUS 2 x month individual 30 min individual mentoring call via Zoom
  • Free Membership in our Special Mentoring and Coaching System

No risk!  You can cancel anytime (with 30 day notice) (just email info@docchristine.com)

*All prices in USD   ** only in certain subscription plans (see pricing area for details)