Meet Kim

Kim's Story

When Kim joined DocChristine's Brain Health Coaching Program, she felt often depressed and anxious and very stressed.

She now is living a peaceful life and making mostly wise decisions for herself. She feels optimistic about the future

Living in a new home with a new life, she is now enjoying lots of peace and a better quality of life going forward.

Who is Kim?

Kim is a Certified Life Coach through the Diamond Process Coach Training program. This training prepared her to effectively guide her clients to find their answers within for your healing and empowerment. Her experience revolves around helping clients with self-worth and trauma issues.

Having struggled her entire life with low self esteem, she choose to encourage others to be themselves (authenticity), know their worth (self-esteem), and become empowered to make their dreams come true despite their negative past experiences (personal empowerment).

"I know that I'm doing everything I can to live my best life, that I'm in control of some things in my life and those things that I'm not in control of, I can accept and still have peace, but I can change those that I do have control over. So I'm looking forward to enjoying the rest of my life."

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