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Maxine's's Story

When Maxine joined DocChristine's Brain Health Coaching Program, she was struggling with feelings of sadness and uncertainty about the future. Like many of us, advancing age and some physical infirmities seemed to limit what she could achieve.

In the video above, Maxine describes what impact meeting and working with DocChristine had on her outlook on life, mood, energy, activities and quality of life generally.

Like most of DocChristine's clients, Maxine has become a dear friend.

A few quotes from Maxine's Testimonial:

"I'll tell you, it has made such a difference to me in how I look at life, how I respond to life...And that turnaround has made my life dramatically better...And without DocChristine coming into my life, I don't know whether I would have been able to get to that point or not."

"I'm the one who can make the difference. And it's that realization that has improved everything for me... and now my life has taken on new meaning. It's wonderful."

"Going forward in my life, I'm realizing my purpose, my life purpose. I'm thriving in an atmosphere of trust, love and respect for myself and for others... So thank you, Christine. From the bottom of my heart. For my new found life, for my healthier brain, I don't know what I would have done without you."

Who is Maxine?

Maxine is a visual artist, poet and author. Her true forte is portrait painting, with an accompanying poem expressing the vitality felt in the art piece. While living in Southeast Asia for nine years, she recognized my ability to spontaneously paint portraits and write poetry. Today, she continues this practice in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

During her life, she has led two non-profit organizations to international fruition, worked with celebrities like Pope Paul II, Henry Kissinger and Sammy Davis Jr and even met Ex-President Ronald Reagan.

When she is not making her own art, she brings together young children and senior citizens, allowing both to create a painting of their choice and write about it.  Maxine works with young children because they are open to the wonders of the Universe and their vivid imaginations also stimulate her own. Senior citizens, a demographic to which she herself belongs, have lived through many challenges. Moving towards the end of life’s journey, seniors are more open to seeking answers to the most profound questions about who we are and why we are here.

It is this alignment of different generations, cultures and perspectives, which permits her to demonstrate how Trust, Love and Respect (her mantra) can create mind-blowing art!

Contact Maxine via her website:

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