The 10 Essential Steps to Create a Thriving Health Coaching Business

Proven Systems and Tools, informed By cutting-edge neuroscience

  • be successful as a Health Coach
  • Start and Grow a Successful Coaching Practice in the Wellness Sector
  • get paying clients like Clockwork
  • Built a High-converting Funnel 
  • even with no or a minimal financial investment.

               = Be More successful in Life and Work

about us

We use our Success to create yours

Hello, my name is Dr. Christine Sauer.

I was a successful physician and naturopath in Germany, but after coming to Canada in 1997, a series of challenges prevented me from working within the government regulated healthcare system.

Drawing on my over 40 years of experience in the healthcare sector, I decided to start my own health coaching business – and I failed miserably at first, because I made all the mistakes there are.

I took expensive business coaching courses and classes, just to realize that the methods they recommended are great for business coaches, but the same methods that work for business coaching do not work in the health coaching industry.

I eventually figured things out myself. My business became successful and profitable.

And now I am sharing with others what does work in this simple 10-step framework, that I am giving you today in the free checklist.

Today, you have the opportunity to test-drive my system, and if you have questions, I am just an email away... 

Please download the checklist and apply the 10-step framework to your life and business.

See your business prosper. 

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We deliver practical, immediately actionable Services for aspiring and current health coaches:

  • Training to become a Successful Certified Soulful Nutrition Health and Life Coach or a Soulful Leaders Life Coach
  • Tools to start, develop and grow your health coaching practice
  • Strategies and Systems to become more efficient and effective in your business


Chinara Crumpton 

" Just Dreaming is Not Enough...Dr. Christine Changed My Life...Transformation of My Life is Beyond Words…Life is So Wonderful Now. 

I Never Met Such a Professional Who is Down To Earth, Can Fix Your Mind, Get You In Shape and Open Business Opportunities!"

Gail Cassidy

 “Got Help With Getting Things Done…Helped Me With The Belief I Can Accomplish What I Most Long To Do Physically, Mentally, And Spiritually. 

The most important thing that I learned during my time with Dr. Christine was that I am working with someone...who is familiar with the challenges I face, and someone who has considerable experience in helping others." 

Tobi E.

"Christine is a spectacular educator..."



“It’s a first time venture and way too much information out there. But thanks to my coach I would know what to focus on. Otherwise information overload would spread me thin.” 


Francine Aubrecht

"... my time was well spent during our sessions…reading material was extremely relatable to me ! “