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For Second-Career Health & Wellness Coaches

Who Want a Thriving Purpose - Driven Wellness Business

What Do You Need Most For Your Success Right Now?

  • Practical Help and Support
  • Tech Curation and Help - Including AI and ChatGPT
  • Done - With You & Done - For You Services
  • Wellness Business Growth Strategies
  • Adult ADHD - Focus on Success
  • Train Your Brain for Success

Are You feeling Stressed and Overwhelmed?

  • Are You working 100 hrs per week or more?
  • Trying your Best to get it right?
  • Overwhelmed by all that is Piled on you?  
  • Feeling Stressed Out, Burnt Out, at your wits end?
  • Are you Neglecting Your Family, Trying to make Ends Meet?
  • Are You Struggling with Tech Challenges and systems that just won't work together?

"If You're Stuck in a Dark Place, Don't Give Up!  There Is a Light at the End of the Tunnel for You, too" - Dr. Christine Sauer

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Do you want to

  • live your passion to help others transform their lives
  • generate an income for yourself and your family
  • make a positive difference for yourself, those who you love and the world at large
  • realize your dream of creating a legacy - for those who come after us
  • align yourself with the universal energy to make this happen - while taking strategic action steps to ensure success

How We Can Help You

SMS Campaigns

SMS has the highest opening rates. Customers LOVE getting tips and support. We create SMS campaigns with AI support that create clients 

Email Marketing

Email is still the backbone of marketing. Effective email campaigns - using AI support - create happy repeat clients that wait eagerly to hear from you.

Website Help

A Conversion-Focused Website - with AI assist technology - that YOU can control and make changes yourself - without having to pay over and over again.

Leads & Clients

Every business needs leads and clients. We help you to automate this using cutting edge AI and VA support,  so clients are eagerly lined up to work with you.

Social Media

Social media has lost much of its luster. It can be a time and money grab. Done right, with AI support,  it still can be used to reach and attract the right clients to your business

Content Creation

People love great content that delivers value and helps them to solve their issues. The usual fluff just doesn't cut it anymore. With targeted AI support, we help create content that converts.

Tech Solutions

Tech challenges are common. Solutions can be simpler than you think. AI can feel confusing. We make tech easy by setting everything up to work seamlessly together and then train you.


Personalized support to refine your messages & your niche, identify and overcome challenges that are holding you back & train your brain for the inevitable success.

We Help You to be Successful with our Proprietary

NeuroSuccess AI System  for Coaches -

Strategies Based on Brain Training and Neuroscience!


Chinara Crumpton 

" Just Dreaming is Not Enough...Dr. Christine Changed My Life...Transformation of My Life is Beyond Words…Life is So Wonderful Now. 

I Never Met Such a Professional Who is Down To Earth, Can Fix Your Mind, Get You In Shape and Open Business Opportunities!"

Gail Cassidy

 “Got Help With Getting Things Done…Helped Me With The Belief I Can Accomplish What I Most Long To Do Physically, Mentally, And Spiritually. 

The most important thing that I learned during my time with Dr. Christine was that I am working with someone...who is familiar with the challenges I face, and someone who has considerable experience in helping others." 

Tobi E.

"Christine is a spectacular educator..."



“It’s a first time venture and way too much information out there. But thanks to my coach I would know what to focus on. Otherwise information overload would spread me thin.” 


Francine Aubrecht

"... my time was well spent during our sessions…reading material was extremely relatable to me ! “


Dr. Christine Sauer MD ND

About Dr. Christine 

Dr. Christine is highly educated in multiple disciplines and running her own successful wellness coaching business.

She discovered her talent for helping other business owners by accident, realizing that she has a gift to help other wellness coaches and entrepreneur grow their business AND training their brain for success.

She is a Master Certified Brain and Mental Health Professional and Coach, a Licensed Neuroencoding Specialist and a Certified Havening Techniques® Practitioner as well as a truly caring human being.

Known as "the 5D Wellness Wizard" her clients describe their transformations "it's like magic",

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