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The 10 Essential Steps to Create a Thriving Health Coaching Business

Proven Systems and Tools, informed By cutting-edge neuroscience

  • be successful as a Health Coach
  • Start and Grow a Successful Coaching Practice in the Wellness Sector
  • get paying clients like Clockwork
  • Built a High-converting Funnel 
  • even with no or a minimal financial investment.

               = Be More successful in Life and Work

How You Can Benefit  From Our Services

  • 01 - Coach Training

  • 02 - Done-For-You Services

  • 03 - AI, Clone and Sales Copywriting

  • 04 - Talk With Us

Dreaming of making a positive difference for others?

Learn about Becoming a Certified Soulful Nutrition Health Coach (12 weeks) - or a Certified Soulful Leaders Life Coach ( 6 weeks) - surprisingly affordable. 

about us

Dr. Christine Sauer MD ND

About Dr. Christine - The Wellness Business Doctor

Dr. Christine is highly educated in multiple disciplines and running her own successful wellness coaching business as well as mentoring and training other wellness business owners, health coaches and wellness coaches

She discovered her talent for helping other business owners by accident, realizing that she has a gift to help other wellness coaches and entrepreneur grow their business AND training their brain for success.

She is a Master Certified Brain and Mental Health Professional and Coach, a Licensed Neuroencoding Specialist and a Certified Havening Techniques® Practitioner as well as a truly caring human being.

Known as "the 5D Wellness Wizard" her clients describe their transformations "it's like magic"

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