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What is the SOULful Leaders Academy ?

The Soulful Leaders Academy is a an educational program for health-conscious individuals who want to participate in a study group on wellness, personal growth, leadership and generating income as well as become part of the community of Soulful Leaders. 

We collaboratively aim to develop our skills and knowledge to become effective leaders who can inspire and motivate ourselves and others to achieve success 

The academy focuses on physical, mental, social, spiritual, and financial wellness to help individuals achieve a balanced and fulfilling life. The program also emphasizes personal growth to help individuals reach their full potential. 

We also talk about business models like leveraging other people, direct selling and more. 

However, this is NOT tied to any specific product or service and is not meant as a promotion of anything but healthy and abundant living and personal growth with the goal of nourishing your body, mind, and SOUL. 

Overview of the Soulful Leaders Academy

Please join us if you like what we stand for. We would love to have you!

What We Believe In

Our Values are the guiding principles that shape the culture of our group.

These values will help create a culture of positivity, growth, and well-being that can benefit all involved individuals and the community as a whole.   

Here is a brief summary of the main values that are important for our Soulful leaders:

  • Authenticity: Encouraging individuals to be true to themselves and others. 
  • Service: Encouraging individuals to give back to their communities and make a positive impact. 
  • Respect: Valuing diversity and treating self and others with dignity and respect. 
  • Collaboration: Encouraging teamwork and cooperation to achieve common goals.
  • Tenacity and Resilience : We foster persistence and determination to keep going even when faced with challenges or setbacks.  
  • Continuous Learning: Emphasizing the importance of ongoing learning and development. 
  • Leadership: Fostering the development of leadership skills to inspire and motivate self and others. 
  • Innovation: Encouraging creativity and out-of-the-box thinking to drive progress. 
  • Integrity: Emphasizing the importance of honesty, ethics, and accountability. 
  • Compassion: Fostering a culture of empathy and kindness towards self and others
  • Self-discipline: We train our ability to control our behavior and actions in order to achieve our desired outcome (success).  
  • Wellness: Emphasizing the importance of physical, mental, social, spiritual, and financial wellness for overall well-being. 

Topics We Cover

We cover a wide array of topics around health and wellness, leadership, business, entrepreneurship and personal growth. 


Wellness covers aspects of physical, mental health, brain health, social, spiritual health, purpose, energy and financial wellness


We cover aspects of change management, communication, motivation, teamwork, networking, entrepreneurship and sales 

Personal Growth

 Examples are aspects of self-awareness, self-reflection, personal development, motivation, coaching and decision-making

Our Events

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Our Soulful Leaders Academy meets weekly online – the meetings are currently chaired by Dr. Christine Sauer MD ND, Weight Loss, Brain Health, Nutritional Supplement and Tech Expert, with future contributions from other experts.  

Interested in contributing? Book a free 30min meeting here and let’s talk! 

We will have a book club, collaborative training on leadership strategies, and info on how to generate income and clients by friendly invitations and soft-selling with the ladder-method and sharing instead of pushy sleazy methods. 

Experience open discussion among other leaders, learn from their experiences and struggles, find new avenues of revenue in the wellness industry. 

Our meetings are tight, and we all will work together to keep it concise, stay on time, stay focused on empowering each other to get ahead in the area/s of life that are most important to them. 

NOT just a networking group. We do network and connect, but with a PURPOSE. To develop ourselves and others as leaders of our own life and that of others, to gain experience in Soulful sales, in business, in life, to share knowledge and help ourselves and others overcome roadblocks and mindset hurdles. 

As leaders of the meeting, we will not allow anyone to waste our time (and their own) - by purposeless rambling, going off topic or going beyond the allotted speaker time.  

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